Promo Codes and Special Offers for 2015 logoWelcome to our current collection of promo code offers now available in 2015. We understand that this is a premium dating service which carries quite the price considering this we know how important it is to find the latest coupons and discounts before actually signing up. We have also outlined the company history along with linked to some helpful reviews from around the web. The most important aspect is our promo codes, at this point we know you have basically made your mind up about and that is one of the best online dating solutions available. But moving from there we have provided some insights that will help you better understand the dating process which occurs online.

How to Apply the Current Coupon Code

So when you go looking for the promo code box it is by no means easy to find. After clicking the subscribe button you’ll see it carefully placed in the right hand side.

match subscribe

Now see the promo code link to the right of the subscription options? Click that link and a new window will open.

match promo code link

Now enter one of our codes listed below and click “continue”, if the coupon is active the deal will be automatically applied.

apply your promo code

Easy right? Well for most people they miss this and wind up overpaying for the service. Here is our list of current promos for 2015.

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USRADIO – 25% off plans

And there you have it, that is our list of current promo codes, be sure to subscribe and check back daily if didn’t find an active code. We updated our list daily :-)

Our Review of and Brief Overview

member baseIf you’ve ever been in the dating game then you know it is far from easy for most people, but at the same time you look around and see everyone getting hitched. The problem isn’t always with you! This is the first thing you need to understand, many times the problem is the vehicle we use to meet the right person in our lives. And obviously the vehicle we are discussing today is the digital world, specifically which we will be discussing a bit further.

For one this site is incredibly popular, they offer both a free and a paid model which we offer coupons for above. With the free model there is quite a bit of use and potential to actual meet someone but for the most part the best bet is going with the premium service. Why? Well do you really want to be finding people who are too cheap to shell out $30 per month for potentially meeting mr. or miss right? Well if you’re hoping that person will also pick up the bill at dinner then you might be let down.

Sure there are plenty of gems out there and maybe you might find love on the free channels, but let’s be real and remember it’s a numbers game, let’s increase our odds anyway we can, and if pulling out our credit card is what we need to do it then so be it. Well know you know how we feel about the concept of premium dating, pheww, back to match.

Your personal Match Profile

So the match interface can be a bit intimidating at first, but after spending about 10 minutes or so you’ll get accustomed to it quickly. Be sure you really take your time on filling out your personal profile. You might be thinking, of course I’m going to do that. But let’s face it, most of you aren’t going to take the proper time to fully represent who you are. Come on people, you’re selling yourself here so don’t get lazy. It’s like creating a resume for dating, and if you don’t get lazy with your job prospecting (although most do), don’t get lazy with your life partner prospecting.

Fill every aspect out and be sure to have someone you trust proof read things if you aren’t confident in your grammar. Many people will have the scary moment of realizing they don’t have the perfect picture available, we recommend not stressing it too much, do you really want to put some artificial picture up there? Remember this is a two way street, and you don’t want to enter into a relationship with someone based on a lie of appearance from day 1. You can trust us, this will never work out.

Likewise, you don’t want to meet someone who looks nothing like their profile picture, so be as honest as you feel comfortable doing.

Interacting on

Now that you have your profile completed and are confident that it fully represents the kick ass person you are, start digitally meeting other people and finding some people you are interested in. Some people will just wit back and wait for the dates to come to them but don’t do that!!! In reality this may be a digital meeting place but the people are no different than in the real world. If you shy away in the corner you’re likely not going to meet anyone so put yourself out there, you’ve seriously got nothing to lose.

The first step is spending sometime browsing around and finding some people you are intitialy interested in, move slow and be careful, you now have access to a massive dating pool, there is no reason to jump in quick.

Concluding our Review of

Considering the nature of what is we can’t really give it a definitive this is good or bad review, results will really be person to person but for what is is you have the best platform available. For one it’s premium so you know people are a cut above some of the free services like Zoosk. The site also hooks up with so you get a wider range of matches to work with. The big thing at first is to be comfortable with the interface which is easy to figure out since there is a free trial which anyone can signup for with a valid email address.